Adapted operations and SLA

eDialog24 PRO can be offered with multiple delivery models:

  • eDialog24 cloudservice (ASP/SAAS).
    Generally we can show to a trackrecord for eDialog24’s cloudservice with uptime > 99,9 % 24/7/365 last 24 months.
  • Operation at one of our partners, such as EVRY (ASP/SAAS)
  • Your own local server (or at your operation partner desired by costumer).

We offer remote administration for organisations wanting eDialog24 delivered on-premise. We can also offer high uptime, even if the production server environment isn’t directly available for supplier due to security policy.

SLA is adaptable. Uptime examples; from 99,5 % 8/5/250 to 100 % 24/7/365.

Please contact us for more information.