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The work with eDialog24 started at Sentinel Software AS in 1999/2000 after an idea of Eljar Ness. Bjørnar Nielsen developed the first version of eDialog24 in 2000, and in 2001 the solution was piloted focusing on chat, at Fische Bil in Trondheim. From the start the focus was on costumer orientation. Internal availabilitycooperation, multichannel costumer dialog and interaction with CRM was early implemented into the same workspace. The Department of Employment and Administraton was our first commercial client in 2002 ( and in 2003 eDialog24 was separated into it's very own business.

Our vision is to be the worlds best workspace for human customer dialog - in every electronic channel. eDialog24 is consecutively further developed in close cooperation with many of Norway's strongest brands in the pursuit of better service, increased sales, reputation and time savings.
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