Internal cooperation and cooperation in value-chains

Customer orientation throughout your organisation and value-chain?

eDialog24 stands out from other platforms due to a clear philosophy of customer orientation.

This means that eDialog24 focuses just as hard on external customer dialog as on internal cooperation and interaction; customers needs the ability to meet in all channels, simultaneously the organisation has to interact across all communication channels to deliver optimal quality and unique customer experiences.

In addition to the traditional mechanisms that you might be used to from Skype for internal communication, eDialog24 features powerful workflow support that binds the internal dialog together with the external customer dialog.

Customer availability / internal availability
eDialog24 detects availability from many sources (computer usage, phone-use, celluar use, many different calendars, ongoing activities and even more).  We offer the strongest solution in the market when it comes to “detecting” individual and collective customer availability, simultaneously as privacy is safeguarded.

Two examples of how we think:

  • Availability
    Some concepts that paints the picture:

    • First line availability 
      Means that the user has a front-responsibility (customerfront / line #1). High readiness/availability, short customer response time. The time to establish the first contact is very central.
    • Cooperative availability
      This means that the user is open to cooperate regarding customers (or other internal issues). First line users will quickly be able to see who they can delegate/transfer to, including response time information.
    • Busy
      Specifies that the user is busy/has weaker assumptions to deliver quality when it comes to serving customers. None the less, it’s still possible to reach the user regarding internal affairs, but the availability shows an indication that this might have negative consequences.
    • Temporarily away 
      The user has lately had workflow which suggests that he/she is temporarily away from the device running eDialog24.
  • Customer dialog continuity – in all channels
    • All written dialog that is handled in eDialog24 – chat, net-messages, E-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter – can be delegated to other associates, including deadlines and fallback. But not only within the customer call center ; we’re thinking that the whole organisation should be able to implement – or indirectly contribute – in the dialog with customers whenever relevant. As a consequence, we have developed dynamic queue-mechanisms, making it possible to transfer sessions to one or multiple persons. We are shortening the time from first contact (often handled by the customer call center) to finding and involving additional qualified people within your organisation – dramatically.We also offer mechanisms for tactical handling of customer dialog through cooperation mechanisms.
      eDialog24 contains a very powerful and quick “finding people internally” search engine. It is possible to search for names, contact information, departments, position and competence. It is very quality promoting and motivating – to have the competence that exists in the heads of all available employees available – at an instant. Training of new resources and running knowledge based development is a breeze.

These are just some examples, and naturally, there are many more mechanisms that are important to support “customer orientation”. We also want to highlight the opportunity to setup cooperation between businesses which have eDialog24, giving the additional possibility to share customer availability and use many tools for “internal” cooperation. This setup also makes it possible to cooperate regarding customers / users.

Even though we have built eDialog24 for whole businesses and value chains, we strongly recommend to start focused in one part of the organisation which already is (or wishes to be) customer oriented. Thereafter, one can expand to bigger parts of the organisation and/or value chain when the the initial project has met its success criteria.

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