Cooperation between businesses

The cooperative functions in eDialog24 provides the opportunity to communicate and exchange information between businesses. This gives an unique opportunity to cooperate with subcontractors and partners. This presupposes that businesses who want to cooperate have eDialog24 ASP/SAAS solution, and approve a mutual cooperation.


  • Real time presence for cooperating business
  • Chat internally with employees in cooperative businesses, group chat included
  • See personal information such as name, position, phone and e-mail
  • Chat, e-mail, SMS, Facebook and Twitter inquieries can be delegated with the “transfer” function to a cooperating business.
  • Share calendar information (only in, out and busy details are shared).
  • Share information about phone availability (applies to Telenor Mobilt Bedriftsnett)
  • Get notifications when people are available (includes a memo-pad to remind you of why you needed to get a hold of them with SMS-reinforcement)
  • Exchange files, send and share screendumping