With eDialog24, you can now effectivly serve costumers by SMS.

Wih the help of codewords, SMS messages enters the queue in eDialog24 in the same way as chat and E-mails.  The workflow support for SMS is the same as for chat and E-mails, and gives you a powerful tool to create unique costumer-experiences in this communication channel.
If you have a 5-digit phone number, you should consider SMS-chat! This is a unique opportunity to get ahead of you competitors!

SMS can be integrated with phone-queuing systems to achieve earlier mentioned applications.

Try it yourself : Send codeword edialog24 followed by your message to 2242


Focus areas:

  • Costumer response time guarantee.
  • Staffing, routing, deadlines and escalation.
  • Workflow during and after dialog.
  • Quick follow-up.
  • Statistics and planning.
  • Change of communication channels, SMS into chat, SMS to phonecall, SMS to E-mail.
  • Dialog historiy across communication channels.