eDialog24 provides solutions for webchat and internal-chat for more than 300 businesses in Scandinavia. As the only chat-solution for professional use developed in Norway, we additionally offer powerful modules for systematic handling of E-mail, SMS, Facebook, interaction with phone queuing systems, internal workflow. At the same time, all your customer dialog can be saved in your CRM/archive system.

Open a new and effective communication channel on your business/organisation website and your customers.  eDialog24 provides a wide range of configuration possibilities so that your chat solution behaves in a way that suits your needs.

Chat with single sign-on (SSO) / authentication
When chatting on webpages with a high level of security, authentication is critical (finance, health, government etc). eDialog24 supports SSO that works with well known authentication solutions (like FinanceID, ByPASS and MyID).

A quick quality assured solution for E-mail in your departments with a common request-list/inbox.

Ensures a simple and direct response from the market. This type of service is widespread and known.

Phone queuing solutions
Read more about our phone-solution which opens opportunities for logging phone conversations, and also loggging this across all communication channels

Most businesses today have Facebook pages. The customer treatment in this channel is not adapted for larger companies, but with the help of eDialog24 you can treat all wall-posts in the same way you treat chats and E-mails.