Benefit from your CRM system and integrate it with eDialog24. We connect your CRM systems so that customer service becomes more efficient and follow-up of customers easier.

You get a seamless finishing, where the customer’s personnel and dialog are exported on contact, and the correct category. You can also quickly create contacts or organizations that do not exist from before directly in eDialog24. After the dialogue with the customer, eDialog24 allows you to export customer requests to the following CRM systems:

Microsoft Dynamics
Tieto Public 360
IS Suite

Other CRM systems

eDialog24 PRO has a general approach for interaction with CRM. We have export mechanisms that are used in even more systems than previously mentioned. The way that eDialog24 interacts with other systems, including CRM, is smartly generalized. Integration with new, modern and open solutions is breeze and is often performed in interaction with customers and clients.