Our E-mail solution gives you the opportunity to meet the customer expectations and surpass your competitors’ abilities by giving your customers:

  • LIGHTNING FAST FIRST CONTACT. Why should you have long response time on email, when you easily can give «lifesigns» by the help of a combination of quick responses and automatic responses.
  • BETTER QUALITY. eDialog24 can automatically suggest canned responses for frequently asked questions.
  • NEVER DUPLICATE ANSWERS AGAIN. Real time queuing of E-mails makes it impossible for your staff to pick and answer the same E-mail.
  • YOUR CUSTOMER WILL ALWAYS GET AN ANSWER. Our ticketing system, deadline handling and escalation in addition to statistics ensure that customer requests never go unanswered .
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With eDialog24 it is also easy to follow up chats with E-mails when this is expedient.

With our E-mail solution you will achieve control, effectivity, improved customer dialog quality, better customer experiences and a better reputation.

Some important focus areas:

  • Customer response time guarantee
  • Staffing, routing, deadlines and escalation.
  • Workflow before, during and post dialog.
  • Quick follow-up.
  • Statistics and planning.
  • Switching communication channel when relevant, E-mail to phonecall,
    E-mail to SMS. Chat to E-mail.
  • Dialog history across all communication channels.
  • CRM integrations.